Rumah Baba Fred

Cooking with LOVE

Food Introduction

Why Rumah Baba Fred?


At Rumah Baba Fred, we only use fresh meats, ingredients to prepare our meals. Like any home cook food, we will select the best for our family and when you eat our food, it tastes home cooked: fresh, clean, and wholesome.


Our Peranakan food are prepared the old fashion way. The soup that we made, the sauce that we prepared are all home made from scratch. We do not use commercial stock eg premix sauce/chilly, chicken stock, commercial gravies etc. The soup and sauce are prepared laborously using meats, bones, seafood, vegetables etc and simmer over many hours.


We utilise the old fashion way of cooking that our ancestors had been practising and make it available to you so the food doesn't taste "commercial".


​We use Kangen water (PH9.5) to make our soup, and to wash our vegetables. The vegetables that you eat does not have pesticide or preservatives. We only use organic salt.


Our motto is: "If it is good for you, it is good for our family"


                       Nonya Acar


Nonya Acar is pickled vegetables in spicy vinegared sauce. The Peranakan being westernized copied the British in pickling their vegetables but with rempah. Traditionally only cucumbers, carrots, and stuffed green chillies were used. Over time, they started adding shallot, cauliflower, cabbage, and garlic.